Flores naturais do Muggendorf / Austria

The Project

All photos were taken from 1997 on as part of my private project to create a database of all indigenious wildflowers. It should simplify determination of species and allow queries like "Show me all yellow flowers in May".

The Website

To share some of the pictures i've created this small website. It started with a static site in the late 90ies, then a dynamic site was created with the Zope application server, but after a break due to hacker attacks the root server was changed to a webspace with php and mysql technology.

Pictures / Copyright

All photos were taken with a Casio QV-2800UX and later a Casio P550 digital camera and downsized to 640x480 pixels for web access. If somebody is interested in more pictures or higher resolution (1600x1200) please feel free to contact me.

The pictures can be published freely as long as this is mentioned in the references.


Comments are always appreciated!

Johannes Kribbel
A-2763 Muggendorf 52
email: jkr +at+ gmx.at